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About us

GlobalKulture Organisation® is an artist collective and youth organization run by established musicians, artists and creative professionals. GlobalKulture plays the role of an enabler to musicians, peacemakers, artists and others who want to make a difference today.

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What we do

Our motto at GlobalKulture  focuses on ‘Education through Art’ -  a vision that drives us to build an ‘Art-friendly’ society, where diverse art forms are accessible and well-preserved. The collective lays particular emphasis on endangered art forms such as Tribal and Folk performing arts which remain unknown to many today. 

Why We Work

Globalkulture curates initiatives, projects and live-events focused on social justice for youth, protected groups and creative communities. We work with performing artists, institutions, academicians, archivists, multimedia creators and information experts. All our work is aimed at driving the creation of reasonable livelihoods for artists via scholastic engagement, enabling arts education to improve so that artists can live with independence and dignity.

How we work

We facilitate and organize arts-education workshops and festivals curated for youth at public spaces, institutions, workplaces and other community spaces. We employ music and performance artists to build awareness on independent art forms, artists, creative communities and the social challenges they endure to keep rare cultural practices alive.

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Where Our Work Takes US

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