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GlobalKulture is a collective and a youth organization for artist facilitation run by social entrepreneurs who are established musicians and artists.

GlobalKulture plays the role of a facilitator to social entrepreneurs, musicians, peacemakers, artists, or anyone who wants to make a difference today.

The organization believes that change in society can only come through mobilization of individuals, since it is only the people who can help people.

Collaboration is at the heart of Globalkulture’s mission - be it with individuals, government administrators or other organisations invested in social change.

GlobalKulture focuses on Education through Art. Hence it plays the role of a curator of cross culture exchange between different countries.

The vision that drives GlobalKulture is building an ‘art friendly’ society, where diverse art forms are accessible to everyone, especially the dying art forms , like Folk music and Tribal culture which is almost unknown to many.

The most immediate need identified by the collective is the creation of reasonable livelihood for artists through scholastic engagement, allowing arts education to improve and artists to live with independence and dignity.


Arun Sivag


Founder/ Artistic Director

Arun Sivag is a Bangalore-based musician and social entrepreneur. He studied music at the University of Gothenburg, specializing in world percussion while deepening his knowledge of South Indian folk instruments.

Leveraging his international connections, Arun went on to organize and participate in multiple Art exchange programs between Europe and Southeast Asia. “Art is a catalyst for changing the lives of people and communities , we need a classless music-appreciating society”.

He continues to tirelessly organize local workshops and performances for communities who cannot afford it , as well as tour internationally with many renowned artists .


Co-Founder / India Co-Ordinator

Hailing from Mysore, Singer-songwriter Sangeetha Ravindranath is a known name in the south Indian film industry.

She has sung for over 70 South Indian films and worked with renowned music directors.

A young social entrepreneur believes “Art as a medium can bring in a major change in the society and the way people think” . Women in India , in the field of art need more opportunities today . Body shape or colour or age , nothing should stop a woman from opportunities , Talent but only talent should be the criteria . Youth must believe Art can be a mainstream profession and not just a hobby.


Creative Producer

Inclined and fascinated towards art, she holds an experience in theatre and dance, deriving inspiration from Nature .

Having worked with children , teaching theater , dance and life skills for a decade and a half Anu Nitya’s passion drives her to deliver any task at ease.

She currently works as a content head , creative producer and brand strategist for firms and celebrities.

She says “Art as a medium has super power that of nature as we all dwell in the same habitat . If not being human let’s try to be an being at least”


Advisor / International Relations

Retired from Advisor within school system for Swedish government in special education Aina was a consultant and trainer for adults with visual impairment in Norway.

Being a teacher in psychology, Aina specialises in Physiology,Sociology, Pedagogy and Special Education.

She is an author of three books about attitudes and work around people with different abilities also a producer of two films about living a life with multiple challenges.

Kruthika Swaminathan

Co-founder / Global Communications Head

Kruthika lives in the world of digital advertising by profession and is a yogi and music aficionado by passion. She truly believes that change can be done in this world through the power of people- their sheer determination and their voice.

Having worked in the music industry since 2012 nationally and internationally, Kruthika is a strong promoter of arts to make a difference. She has spearheaded most of Global Kulture’s projects under the guidance and mentorship of Founder Arun Sivag.

Kruthika strives to use yoga, mindfulness and music as a method to help people mentally and emotionally.

Biggi Vinkeloe

Sweden Co-Ordinator

Biggi Vinkeloe is one of few women musicians being influential in jazz and improvisational music with over 40 albums and tours in North America, Europe and Asia.

Her enormous musical range has initiated a great number of genre-bending projects, combining music with dance, art and poetry. She has actively worked for gender equality and women’s issues since the 1970s.

With degrees in French, German, Sociology and Music Therapy she also has an experience of working for 25 years with autistic children . In 2018, she initiated PROUD with Nema Vinkeloe Uuskyla, to raise awareness and knowledge about menstruation and girls’ education.

Nema Vinkeloe Uuskyla

Sweden Co-ordinator

Nema is a young musician who has performed in India, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Uganda and USA.

She holds a BA and MA in Global Studies with special focus on International Relations, Global Political Economy and Global Gender Issues.

She is an active member of different networks for gender equality and women’s rights around the globe.

In 2018, she initiated PROUD with Biggi Vinkeloe, to raise awareness and knowledge about menstruation and girls’ education.

She possesses a great curiosity for different music traditions and expressions and sees music as a tool for communication and cooperation over cultural barriers.

Sumanto Mondal

Editorial and Communications Partner

Sumanto Mondal is an Independent writer and editorial consultant. He also creates multilingual communication and educational material for different United Nations’ agencies in India, local administrations and various NGOs. He works with independent artists to create and curate their public facing content. He worked off-the-grid for 20 months - teaching Social Science and Communication in a remote school for Tribal children in Odisha, India. Sumanto has worked as a photojournalist with The Hindu and a correspondent at Reuters News International.

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